The Doughboys - Whatever

The Doughboys - Whatever
Recording Location:
Studio Victor, Montreal, Canada
Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Recording Date:
Release Date:
April 16, 1995

The legendary first album Whatever presented a Doughboys that had a definite hardcore punk edge, instead of the hard rock sheen they later adopted for their breakthrough album, Crush. There are definitely glimpses of the band's keen knack for melody here, but the tempo is generally cranked too high to sustain it for any length of time. A few of the tracks are absolutely wonderful, though, like the turbocharged "You're Related and the more melodic "I Remember." After original label Cargo went out of business, the band reissued it on their own Spahn Ranch label.

Tradition / The DoughboysThe Doughboys2:03
Stranger from Within / The DoughboysThe Doughboys2:08
Can't Find the Day / The DoughboysThe Doughboys3:15
The Forecast / The DoughboysThe Doughboys2:51
No Holiday (From Living) / The DoughboysThe Doughboys2:50
You're Related / The DoughboysThe Doughboys2:35
I Remember / The DoughboysThe Doughboys3:39
Sensless Murders / The DoughboysThe Doughboys2:43
You Don't Know Me / The DoughboysThe Doughboys2:51
I Don't Wanna Know! / The DoughboysThe Doughboys2:51

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