Che'Nelle - Things Happen for a Reason

Che'Nelle - Things Happen for a Reason
Things Happen for a Reason
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Malaysian-Australian dancehall wunderkind Che'Nelle's debut album, Things Happen for a Reason, made a splash on the international charts upon its release.

Powered in part by industry heavyweights in the songwriting and production department, and in part by big-time guest stars on rap vocals (especially in the hit "I Fell in Love with a DJ"), Che'Nelle's charisma and powerful vocals are the real stars of the show, and combine just enough South Asian exoticism à la M.

I.A. with dancehall beats to make a new sound.

I Fell in Love With the DJ / Dameon Beckett / O'Neil Bryan / Dave Kelly / R. Kelly / Cheryline LimChe'Nelle3:28
Club Jumpin' / Derek Brin / Che'NelleChe'Nelle3:49
Teach Me How to Dance / Shawn Campbell / Che'Nelle / Marshall LeathersChe'Nelle3:28
Hurry Up / Warren Felder / Sean GarrettChe'Nelle3:08
Right Back / Zukhan Bey / Che'Nelle / Kara DioGuardi / James PoyserChe'Nelle4:05
Mantaker / James Banks / Che'Nelle / Cornelius Church / Kairi Gwinn / Eddie Marion / Henderson Thigpen / Eric TommyChe'Nelle3:46
When We Will Meet Again / Che'Nelle / Chris "Ruff Diamond" RobinsonChe'Nelle4:26
Lookin' / Warren Felder / Sean GarrettChe'Nelle3:07
Stick With Me / Marcus Bell / Che'NelleChe'Nelle3:47
Summer Jam / Che'Nelle / Charles Dixon / P. Jones / Eric Kaz / Jens LomholtChe'Nelle3:22
My Pledge / Che'Nelle / Chris "Ruff Diamond" RobinsonChe'Nelle4:48
2nd Nature / Che'Nelle / Rahmat LaverChe'Nelle4:26
I Can't Make You Love Me (Interlude) / Che'NelleChe'Nelle1:06
I Fell in Love With the DJ / Dameon Beckett / Che'Nelle / Dave Kelly / R. Kelly / Bryan O'NeilChe'Nelle4:00
Sprung on My Booty Call (Outro) / Che'Nelle / Dwayne "Whateva" LindsayChe'Nelle4:30

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