Marbles - Expo

Marbles - Expo
Recording Location:
Cello Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Lo-Fi, Neo-Psychedelia
Release Date:
March 15, 2005

Marbles is Robert Schneider of Apples in Stereo's solo project, and Expo marks the first full-length album since Schneider mothballed the name with the formation of the Apples in 1993. The m.o. is very Apples-like, with loads of their trademark catchy melodies, slightly trippy lyrics, swirling guitars, and sonic textures. But instead of the usual '60s psych-pop influences and song structures, ELO seems to be the major influence at work, with tracks like "When You Open" and the pulsating "Magic" sounding like an unlikely lo-fi Jeff Lynne project. The record is filled with vocoders, electronically treated vocals, cheap drum machines, tinny synths, and robotic beats. At its best on songs like "Move On" (wait for the moving guitar/synth duet at the song's climax) and the dreamy "Out of the Zone," the electronics are added somewhat organically and give Schneider's sometimes reedy vocals and simple songs a much-needed boost. A few of the songs don't work quite as well; "Circuit"'s vocoder and the song's nagging melody give the song an overly gimmicky sound, and the record's instrumentals ("Jewel of India," "Hello Sun," and "Blossoms") aren't of much interest. These are small flaws, and the strength of the rest of the record makes up for them.

The record was mixed by Mark Linnett of Beach Boys and SMiLE revisited fame, and he shows his versatility by creating a sound almost directly opposite to the lush SMiLE sound, instead making Expo sound like it was recorded in Schneider's sock drawer. In a good way, though. Like Guided By Voices, Marbles (and the Apples) work better when they sound small and full to bursting, and Expo is no exception to that rule. Apples in Stereo fans will dig this record.

Circuit / Robert SchneiderMarbles2:32
Out of Zone / Robert SchneiderMarbles3:46
When You Open / Robert SchneiderMarbles3:52
Magic / Robert SchneiderMarbles1:50
Jewel of India / Robert SchneiderMarbles2:53
Hello Sun / Robert SchneiderMarbles2:12
Expo / Robert SchneiderMarbles0:59
Cruel Sound / Robert SchneiderMarbles1:28
Blossoms / Robert SchneiderMarbles1:39
Move On / Robert SchneiderMarbles6:46

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