Wally Schnalle - Physics & Magic

Wally Schnalle - Physics & Magic
Physics & Magic
Recording Location:
El Lan H.C. Studios
Contemporary Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Smooth Jazz
Release Date:
May 22, 2007

Drummer Wally Schnalle's recordings are always quite intriguing and full of unexpected moments.

There are times on Physics & Magic when one might think that this is a particularly creative David Sanborn release due to altoist Charles McNeal's tone sometimes sounding close to Sanborn's and the rhythms being funky.

However, Schnalle's rhythms are never predictable, he uses electronic loops quite inventively, and there is nothing simplistic about his music. "Physics & Magic" effectively utilizes a spoken word loop while other selections could almost be classified as avant funk. Schnalle utilizes the sounds and styles of funky jazz and rockish fusion, but often turns them inside out.

Dancing to some of this music would definitely be a challenge. Jeff Massanari contributes some explosive guitar solos, bassist Jason Muscat keeps the music grooving, and McNeal has many fine solos, but it is the colorful and often intense playing of Wally Schnalle (who contributed all eight originals) that really makes this a memorable effort.

Physics & Magic / Wally SchnalleWally Schnalle8:04
I Can't Get in Without You / Wally SchnalleWally Schnalle5:51
Pick It Up / Wally SchnalleWally Schnalle6:32
C.O.D. (The Currency of Desire) / Wally SchnalleWally Schnalle6:49
Time for Change / Wally SchnalleWally Schnalle5:39
Airs (An Insignificant Ruthless Situation) / Wally SchnalleWally Schnalle7:24
Theo's Tour / Wally SchnalleWally Schnalle7:06
Mira's Yellow Ball / Wally SchnalleWally Schnalle8:02

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