Nicolette Larson - Sleep, Baby, Sleep

Nicolette Larson - Sleep, Baby, Sleep
Sleep, Baby, Sleep
Recording Location:
L.A., CA; Los Angeles, CA
Country-Pop, Country-Rock, Soft Rock, Urban Cowboy, Contemporary Pop/Rock, AM Pop
Recording Date:
Release Date:

An award-winning force on the pop scene during the '80s, Nicolette Larson returns to music with this album dedicated to her young daughter, Elsie May. The album features original music by Nicolette and songs by Neil Young and Graham Nash, as well as traditionals. When recording this album, Larson was careful not to include sounds that might be too harsh for newborn ears and yet would be pleasant and interesting for toddlers and young children. Sleep, Baby, Sleep is quiet songs for quiet times.

Welcome to the World / Nicolette LarsonNicolette Larson3:15
Oh Bear / Elsie May Larson-Kunkel / Nicolette LarsonNicolette Larson1:57
Starlight, Starbright / Nicolette LarsonNicolette Larson3:34
Irish Lullaby / TraditionalNicolette Larson3:18
Barefoot Floors / Neil YoungNicolette Larson4:38
Appalachian Lullaby / Tanya Goodman / Mike SykesNicolette Larson3:21
I Bid You Goodnight / TraditionalNicolette Larson3:16
Moon and Me / Bill HarleyNicolette Larson3:32
Rock-A-Bye / Tanya Goodman-Sykes / Tanya Goodman / Mike SykesNicolette Larson3:15
Rocking My Baby to Sleep / Nicolette LarsonNicolette Larson2:32
The Moment I Saw You / Graham Nash / TraditionalNicolette Larson feat: Graham Nash3:01

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