F.Y.P - Incomplete Crap, Vol. 2

F.Y.P - Incomplete Crap, Vol. 2
Incomplete Crap, Vol. 2
Recording Location:
bedroom; Explosive; Hos Redwood City; Kashmir, Hermosa Beach garage
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock
Recording Date:
1992 - August, 1997
Release Date:
April 27, 1999

This second collection of early, otherwise unavailable EPs, demos, and compilation cuts from F.Y.P. is not a favorite of the band, but fans apparently demanded that this early stuff be available again, so the band threw together this 43-song CD. But after the first few numbers from the Idiocy 7", like "Jerkoff" and "Toss My Cookies," which are F.Y.P.

standards, the record veers back to when F.Y.P. had yet to hone its skills. Some of these songs are a bit derivative of any typical hardcore band that's been banging around in a garage for a few months, while others sound like practice sessions. They're all recorded as raw as can be, while some sound like they were written on the spot. Also, it's hard to get through the whole record. This one is only for voracious fans of the band who want to check out what they were doing in their infancy from the late '80s to early '90s.

Untamed and UslessF.Y.P1:46
Jerk OffF.Y.P1:12
Toss My CookiesF.Y.P1:32
Preskool DropoutF.Y.P1:22
Are You an Idiot or a NitwitF.Y.P2:24
Mate Like PorqupinesF.Y.P1:55
Dinky BossettiF.Y.P1:48
Constructive CriticismF.Y.P1:19
Cyainide in Your Kool-AidF.Y.P2:44
2nd NotchF.Y.P1:26
Elvis IdiotF.Y.P0:52
Take It Like a JedF.Y.P0:37
Beauty Insustry DumF.Y.P2:05
Suck My BassF.Y.P1:19
Kill a MetermaidF.Y.P1:56
Special Lady at the Waffle HouseF.Y.P1:06
Cover BandF.Y.P1:31
Dirtyboy / Todd CongelliereF.Y.P1:53
Out of RangeF.Y.P1:25
Life AlertF.Y.P0:26
Extra CreditF.Y.P2:05
Bring It OnF.Y.P0:15
Extra CreditF.Y.P1:11
Premature MaturityF.Y.P0:49
I Hate My SchoolF.Y.P0:54
Make It RightF.Y.P1:32
N.R. RealityF.Y.P0:42
Cover BandF.Y.P1:58
Annette's Got the HitsF.Y.P1:03
I Hate My SchoolF.Y.P0:57
Clorox GirlsF.Y.P0:59
S&M PartyF.Y.P0:54
Standing in Front of PoseurF.Y.P1:11
Smack CityF.Y.P2:31
(Yer) Stuck on Me (Like Glue)F.Y.P2:41
Life AlertF.Y.P0:29

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