Waylon Jennings - Waylon Jennings [Legacy]

Waylon Jennings - Waylon Jennings [Legacy]
Waylon Jennings [Legacy]
Outlaw Country, Progressive Country, Traditional Country
Release Date:
March 31, 2008

Waylon Jennings spent 20 years with RCA Records, signing with the label in 1965 and remaining with them until 1985, when he moved on to record for MCA Records. Needless to say, his key creative years were with RCA, particularly after 1972, when Jennings renegotiated his deal to give him more artistic control over what he produced. This box set package includes five of the resulting RCA albums that Jennings produced between 1973 and 1978, including 1973's Lonesome, On'ry and Mean, 1974's This Time and The Ramblin' Man, 1977's Ol' Waylon, and 1978's Waylon & Willie (with Willie Nelson), with whatever bonus tracks that were included on RCA's individual CD reissues of each album. It's a whole lot of Waylon, probably more than the casual listener would need and serious fans would most likely already have all of, but a big chunk of Jennings' legacy is here, so it makes an easy way to connect with his most creative period as an artist in one simple swoop.

Lonesome, On'ry and MeanWaylon Jennings3:41
Freedom to StayWaylon Jennings3:13
Lay It DownWaylon Jennings3:19
Gone to DenverWaylon Jennings2:32
Good Time Charlie's Got the BluesWaylon Jennings3:24
You Can Have HerWaylon Jennings2:44
Pretend I Never HappenedWaylon Jennings3:05
San Francisco Mabel JoyWaylon Jennings3:51
Sandy Sends Her BestWaylon Jennings2:37
Me and Bobby McGeeWaylon Jennings4:41
Laid Back Country PickerWaylon Jennings3:16
The Last One to Leave SeattleWaylon Jennings3:27
Big, Big LoveWaylon Jennings2:26

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