Jonathan Voltzok - More to Come

Jonathan Voltzok - More to Come
More to Come
Recording Location:
Kaleidoscope Sound, NJ
Release Date:

Trombonist Jonathan Voltzok makes a fine debut recording with More to Come. A native of Israel who came to the U.

S. on scholarship to study at the New School in New York City, he went on to work with the Dizzy Gillespie All-Star Band as well as bands led by Slide Hampton and Jimmy Heath. His rhythm section includes the talented but underrated pianist Aaron Goldberg, bassist Barak Mori, and drummer Ali Jackson. Like some of the bop masters of trombone, Voltzok excels in up tempo settings, such as his breezy original "More to Come" that serves as an excellent opener. He tackles Thelonious Monk's "'Round Midnight" in a slow, thoughtful setting, never overplaying his hand, with Goldberg's lush, inventive chords providing a perfect backdrop. Hampton is a special guest in a powerful, swinging chart of "Con Alma" and a snappy blistering take of "Shaw Nuff," while alto saxophonist Antonio Hart appears in Voltzok's driving samba "A Moment of Sunshine" and the trombonist's elegant jazz waltz "The Fire Dance." This is an enjoyable first effort by Jonathan Voltzok.

More to Come / Jonathan VoltzokJonathan Voltzok6:10
Con Alma / Dizzy GillespieJonathan Voltzok8:53
'Round Midnight / Thelonious MonkJonathan Voltzok9:26
A Moment of Sunshine / Jonathan VoltzokJonathan Voltzok6:22
Shadows / Jonathan VoltzokJonathan Voltzok2:58
The Fire Dance / Jonathan VoltzokJonathan Voltzok9:36
Opus de Funk / Horace SilverJonathan Voltzok8:40
Duv / Jonathan VoltzokJonathan Voltzok5:27
Shawnuff' / Dizzy GillespieJonathan Voltzok6:56

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