Chris LeDoux - Chris Ledoux and the Saddle Boogie Band

Chris LeDoux - Chris Ledoux and the Saddle Boogie Band
Chris Ledoux and the Saddle Boogie Band
Recording Location:
Audio Vision, Lindon, UT
Release Date:
September 2, 1991

Chris LeDoux was born in Mississippi, but his music and lyrics both have plenty of Texas heart -- maybe brought on by the fact that by the time he hit his teens he was already living in Texas, and soon began the normal cowboy path of taking part in rodeos and spending his summers doing ranch work. The recording Chris LeDoux and the Saddle Boogie Band has been called a great cowboy-style album, like most of LeDoux's work. Country fans will find both ballads and upbeat numbers on this offering. Songs such as "Cowboys Like a Little Rock and Roll," "Night Rider's Lament," and "Hooked on an 8 Second Ride" showcase his skill at tapping into the celebrated world of the everyday cowboy that he knows so well and shares even better. All you need to do is tug off your cowboy boots, tip back your hat, get comfortable, and have a nice long listen.

Seventeen / Chris LeDouxChris LeDoux4:14
Hooked on an 8 Second Ride / Chris LeDouxChris LeDoux3:25
Cadillac Cowboy / Chuck PyleChris LeDoux2:58
Sweet Wyoming Home / Bill StainesChris LeDoux3:03
Homecoming / Chris LeDouxChris LeDoux1:14
Look at You Girl / Lanty RossChris LeDoux3:10
Searching for a Rainbow / Toy CaldwellChris LeDoux3:11
Chris and the Saddle Boogie Band / Chris LeDouxChris LeDoux2:39
Call of the Wild / Chris LeDouxChris LeDoux2:56
Utah Tribute / Chris LeDouxChris LeDoux2:21
Night Rider's Lament / Michael BurtonChris LeDoux4:11
Cowboys Like a Little Rock and Roll / Chris LeDouxChris LeDoux3:20

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