Ronnie Hawkins - The Ballads of Ronnie Hawkins

Ronnie Hawkins - The Ballads of Ronnie Hawkins
The Ballads of Ronnie Hawkins
Recording Date:
June, 1958
Release Date:
June 10, 2011

Ronnie Hawkins is known for many things but ballads are not one of them. Bear Family’s 2011 set proves this to be a misconception, illustrating that Hawkins is as adept with a slow burn as he is with a hopping rockabilly beat. Strictly speaking, these aren’t all ballads, at least not in the folk sense: there are plenty of those, but there are bluesy grinds, swaying slow dance crossovers, rolling progressive country, and any number of slow tunes, all of which are handled with ease by Hawkins.

Bear Family’s generous 30-track disc skips through the eras with grace, with simple early-‘60s sides sitting next to slicker ‘70s productions, but the disc never plays schizophrenically; rather, the shifting sounds reveal how Ronnie Hawkins could always deliver a song with unassuming skill.

Home from the Forest / Gordon LightfootRonnie Hawkins3:38
Brand New Tennessee Waltz / Jesse WinchesterRonnie Hawkins3:35
Someone Like YouRonnie Hawkins2:28
Odessa / Ronnie Hawkins / Jacqueline MagillRonnie Hawkins3:19
You Cheated You Lied / Don BurchRonnie Hawkins2:10
Treasure of Love / Joe Shapiro / Lou StillmanRonnie Hawkins2:30
Love Me Like You CanRonnie Hawkins2:13
One More Night / Bob DylanRonnie Hawkins2:22
Lonely Hours / Narvel FeltsRonnie Hawkins2:36
I May Never Get to Heaven / Bill Anderson / Buddy KillenRonnie Hawkins3:47
I Gave My Love a Cherry / TraditionalRonnie Hawkins2:58
Ballad of Caryl ChessmanRonnie Hawkins2:39
Mister & MississippiRonnie Hawkins2:33
Honey Love / Clyde McPhatter / Jerry WexlerRonnie Hawkins3:03
One Out of a Hundred / Jimmy Ray PaulmanRonnie Hawkins2:22
The Death of Floyd Collins / Andrew Jenkins / Irene SpainRonnie Hawkins3:07
The Same Old Song / Kris KristoffersonRonnie Hawkins3:01
Your Cheating Heart / Hank WilliamsRonnie Hawkins2:35
Lonesome Town / Baker KnightRonnie Hawkins2:21
Weary Blues from Waitin' / Hank WilliamsRonnie Hawkins2:23
Pledging My Love / Don Robey / Fats WashingtonRonnie Hawkins2:30
There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight / Nelson King / Hank WilliamsRonnie Hawkins2:04
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry / Hank WilliamsRonnie Hawkins2:50
Bluebirds Over the Mountain / Ersel HickeyRonnie Hawkins2:22
You Win Again / Hank WilliamsRonnie Hawkins2:09
The Lady Came from Baltimore / Tim HardinRonnie Hawkins2:38
(Stuck In) Lodi / John FogertyRonnie Hawkins2:54
Dreams Do Come TrueRonnie Hawkins2:35
Love Me Like You CanRonnie Hawkins1:57
Down in the Alley / Jesse StoneRonnie Hawkins5:11

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