Dan Fogelberg - The Music of Dan Fogelberg

Dan Fogelberg - The Music of Dan Fogelberg
The Music of Dan Fogelberg
Singer/Songwriter, Soft Rock
Release Date:
October 5, 2010

Sony’s triple-disc 2010 set The Music of Dan Fogelberg is a thorough budget-line retrospective of the singer/songwriter’s career. Most of Fogelberg’s hits are bunched on the first disc (and they’re almost all here, outside of some smaller hits like “Lost in the Sun” and “Down the Road”), leaving space on the rest of the compilation for fan favorites and album tracks. While this may not be assembled with the kind of exacting touch that characterizes bigger, more expensive box sets, it offers a generous portion of Fogelberg’s best music at a nice price.

Part of the Plan / Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg3:18
The Power of Gold / Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg4:33
Longer / Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg3:16
Heart Hotels / Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg4:13
Same Old Lang Syne / Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg5:21
Hard to Say / Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg4:00
Leader of the Band/Washington Post March / Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg4:19
Run for the Roses / Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg4:19
Missing You / Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg4:07
Make Love Stay / Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg4:33
The Language of Love / Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg3:43
Believe in Me / Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg4:37
Go Down EasyDan Fogelberg3:54
She Don't Look Back / Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg4:46
As the Raven Flies / Dan FogelbergDan Fogelberg4:28

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