Christoph Eschenbach - Picker: Old and Lost Rivers

Christoph Eschenbach - Picker: Old and Lost Rivers
Picker: Old and Lost Rivers
Chamber Music
Release Date:
Old and Lost Rivers for orchestraChristoph Eschenbach6:48
The Encantadas, for narrator & orchestra
1, DreamChristoph Eschenbach4:51
2, DesolationChristoph Eschenbach2:50
3, DelusionChristoph Eschenbach3:46
4, Diversity: "One noon my ship was cruising"Christoph Eschenbach1:21
4, Diversity: "As I lay in my hammock that night"Christoph Eschenbach2:01
4, Diversity: To gaze abroad √ěpon the Encantadas"Christoph Eschenbach2:35
4, Diversity: "Let us first glance low..." (Penguin Waltz)Christoph Eschenbach2:29
4, Diversity: "But look, what are you woebegone regiments" (Pelicans)Christoph Eschenbach2:11
5, Din: "Rondondo is the Aviary of Ocean"Christoph Eschenbach0:56
5, As day advances"Christoph Eschenbach1:54
6, Dawn: "I found myself just before dawn"Christoph Eschenbach0:32
6, Dawn: "Along the entire cast"Christoph Eschenbach5:06
Romances and Interludes, for oboe & piano
PreludeChristoph Eschenbach2:43
Romance 1, Nicht schnellChristoph Eschenbach5:03
Interlude 1Christoph Eschenbach2:49
Romance 2, Einfach, innigChristoph Eschenbach4:55
Interlude 2Christoph Eschenbach4:38
Romance 3, Nicht schnellChristoph Eschenbach6:03
Old and Lost Rivers, for solo pianoChristoph Eschenbach7:17

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