Carolanne Pegg - Carolanne Pegg

Carolanne Pegg - Carolanne Pegg
Carolanne Pegg
Recording Location:
Rockfield Studios, Monmouth
Recording Date:
February, 1973 - March, 1973
Release Date:

As a fiddler and vocalist, Carolanne Pegg (then billed as Carole Pegg) was an important part of Mr. Fox, a notable if cultish early-'70s British folk-rock group.

On her 1973 self-titled album, however, she simply sounds both out of her element and ill-equipped to carry a record as a solo artist. Her voice is thin and wavering, and the material is often far less folk-oriented than Mr. Fox's, veering toward mainstream early- to mid-'70s singer/songwriting with some country-rock touches and a mystical air. While a song title such as "A Witch's Guide to the Underground" might whet the appetite for something truly hellacious, in the event it turns out to be a prissy tune, sung with all the confidence of a woman stepping onto a frozen pond whose ice may or may not hold.

More of her folk roots surface in the dark British melodies of "The Sapphire" and "Fair Fortune's Star"; "Man of War," which sounds like a Sandy Denny song with lousy (and very un-Denny-like) vocals; and the fiddle-driven "Mouse and the Crow." Those are more satisfying than the straight and unmemorably ordinary rock tunes here, but are still way short of outstanding.

Open the Door (Song for Judith) / Judy CollinsCarolanne Pegg4:26
A Witch's Guide to the Underground / Carolanne PeggCarolanne Pegg3:48
Mouse and the Crow / Carolanne PeggCarolanne Pegg2:54
The Sapphire / Carolanne PeggCarolanne Pegg4:01
Fair Fortune's Star / Carolanne PeggCarolanne Pegg10:03
Clancy's Song / Carolanne PeggCarolanne Pegg4:01
The Lady and the Well / Carolanne PeggCarolanne Pegg4:36
Wycoller / Carolanne PeggCarolanne Pegg2:53
The Lizard / Carolanne PeggCarolanne Pegg3:19
Man of War / Carolanne Pegg / Humphrey WeightmanCarolanne Pegg3:22
Winter People / Carolanne PeggCarolanne Pegg5:03

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