Richard Desjardins - Au Club Soda

Richard Desjardins - Au Club Soda
Au Club Soda
Recording Date:
April 18, 1991 - April 20, 1991
Release Date:

This live album was recorded over three nights at the Club Soda in Montréal. Richard Desjardins performs solo on piano and acoustic guitar. Unlike the two previous studio albums, Au Club Soda focuses on the entertainer, the storyteller Desjardins is on stage.

The audience is heard laughing throughout the album. Of the 18 tracks, only ten are actual songs, the other being presentations, monologues, or unaccompanied poems. For listeners who don't understand French, especially the Quebec variety, this CD will be the most difficult to make sense of. Even songs like "Le Prix de l'Or" and "Phénoménale Philomène" are half-spoken stories, the music underpinning them being illustrative at best and of no interest for someone who can't follow the plot. The solo versions of old Abbittibbi (Desjardins' late-'70s band) numbers like "M'As Mett' un Homme Là-d'ssus" and "Un Beau Grand Slow" are interesting, and "Les Fros," a song about the exploitation of immigrants in the copper mines of Rouyn-Noranda in the 1930s, constitutes the most gripping piece of the set. Even though it presents all previously unrecorded songs (except for the closing "Le Coeur Est un Oiseau") and Desjardins is a strong performer, Au Club Soda is no match for his previous studio recordings and can be downright boring for non-French speakers.

Kooloo Kooloo / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins3:21
Boomtown Café / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins2:30
T'Attends / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins1:40
M'As Mett' un Homme Là-D'Ssus / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins3:45
Le Chemin de la Dompe / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins1:04
Un Beau Grand Slow / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins3:42
Le Sabbatique / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins5:56
La Porte du Ciel / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins2:39
Le Bum / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins1:45
Le Chant du Bum / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins3:51
Heavy Métal / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins3:12
Les Fros / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins4:00
Les Fros / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins4:10
Le Prix de l'Or / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins11:56
Phénoménale Philomène / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins8:55
Les Métronomes de L'Espoir (Présentation) / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins2:26
Sahara Lumber / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins3:20
Le Coeur Est un Oiseau / Richard DesjardinsRichard Desjardins3:22

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