The Mekons - Curse of the Mekons

The Mekons - Curse of the Mekons
Curse of the Mekons
Recording Location:
Askew Crescent Workshops, Askew Crescent, London, England; Lion, Witch & Wardrobe Studios, Aire St., Leeds; Stone Circle; The Stoneroom
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Post-Punk, College Rock
Release Date:

It's amazing that as down and out as the Mekons were at this point, they could manage to summon up the emotional wherewithal to make a record as excellent as Curse, but they did. The title most definitely reflects the band's mindset at this time, but this is not the music of self-pity and despair ("We're right in all we distrust," yelps Greenhaigh on the title track); in fact, if it weren't for The Mekons Rock 'n' Roll, this might be the Mekons' finest moment.

Politically charged songs despairing about communism and capitalism, a return to C&W (Sally Timms' passionate reading of John Anderson's "Wild and Blue"), and a dig at America's status as the world's only post-Cold War superpower ("100% Song"). Heady stuff, and not all happy, but remarkably assured and very rewarding.

The Curse / The MekonsThe Mekons3:45
Blue Arse / The MekonsThe Mekons2:50
Wild and Blue / John Scott SherrillThe Mekons2:54
Authority / The MekonsThe Mekons5:00
Secrets / The MekonsThe Mekons5:20
Nocturne / The MekonsThe Mekons4:57
Sorcerer / The MekonsThe Mekons4:33
Brutal / The MekonsThe Mekons4:35
Funeral / The MekonsThe Mekons3:28
Lyric / The MekonsThe Mekons3:57
Waltz / The MekonsThe Mekons4:25
100% Song / The MekonsThe Mekons5:21

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