Cul de Sac - The Strangler's Wife

Cul de Sac - The Strangler's Wife
The Strangler's Wife
Release Date:
October 21, 2003

That Cul de Sac would end up doing a film soundtrack isn't completely surprising, given the band's instrumental bent and past live work playing along with various productions. That it would end up doing a soundtrack for what appears to be an erotic thriller is another story entirely -- a thriller produced by Roger Corman at that, which, given some of the leaden music from his '50s and '60s efforts, automatically makes one wonder. But to the band's credit they find a sharp way to apply their sound to another context in enjoyable fashion -- if, for instance, Pink Floyd could (and did) something similar in the late '60s, then why not Cul de Sac? The snarling, unsettled murk of the main title sequence works as both moodsetter and statement of intent. When one considers how many soundtracks, especially for low budget films, consist of identical mock-orchestral, or uninspired copies of electronic inspirations, hearing something that is truly ominous and in current context, fairly unique, is a blessing. The band's variety gets a solid showcase throughout the soundtrack -- if there are fairly few long tracks due to the inherent nature of the work (only a smattering break, three minutes total, and a number barely crest a minute), it's made up for with the various approached tackled. "That's Great Then, Isn't It?" includes both entrancing acoustic guitar mystery, and a hint of dub echo, "Frustrated Seduction" chugs along in bemusing, almost quirky fashion before suddenly turning into a rush of drum-and-bass rhythms. What parts of the film's plot are suggested by the titles seems well in keeping with the results -- "Lovemaking/Mae's Theme" is subtle and tender, while "Tailing the Stranger" infuses a chugging motorik beat with paranoid fear.

First Victim (Apple)/Main Titles / Cul de SacCul de Sac3:25
Second Victim?Cul de Sac1:35
That's Great Then, Isn't It? / Cul de SacCul de Sac1:47
Second Victim (Shower) / Cul de SacCul de Sac2:30
Lovemaking/Mae's Theme / Cul de SacCul de Sac2:32
Flashbacks / Jon ProudmanCul de Sac2:13
Mirror I (We're the Same Person)Cul de Sac0:56
Pregnancy Test I (Will You Take Care of Us, Mr. Bear?)Cul de Sac0:17
Pregnancy Test IICul de Sac0:50
Tailing the StranglerCul de Sac2:18
Mirror II (Mae and Elena)Cul de Sac5:17
Frustrated Seduction (Wash It Off!)Cul de Sac1:35
Fifth Victim (Aerobics)Cul de Sac1:11
Mae Learns the Truth / Cul de SacCul de Sac4:38
The DumpsterCul de Sac2:07
You Don't Do Bad Things! / Cul de SacCul de Sac1:21
Seventh Victim (Fire Extinguisher) / Cul de SacCul de Sac2:23
Denouement/End Credits / Cul de SacCul de Sac4:52

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