Pedro Luis - Astronauta Tupy

Pedro Luis - Astronauta Tupy
Astronauta Tupy
Recording Location:
AR Studios, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Iglu Studio
Brazilian Folk, Brazilian Pop, Brazilian Traditions, Funk, Jam Bands
Release Date:

Coming off as the Brazilian answer to G. Love and Special Sauce, Pedro Luis makes a very curious blend of styles. He incorporates native Brazilian folk, funk rock, Latin pop, and jam rock to create a very charismatic mix that brims over with his personality. Although the album has its slow spots, tracks like the creepy "Soul" balance out the up-tempo funk jams like "Caio no Suingue" quite nicely. There may be a little too much of the latter here, but that is a minor complaint considering how well he manages to pull it off. Anyone from world music listeners to Dave Matthews fans will probably find something here to like; this is a fun and harmless album that genre-hops with no awkwardness and showcases a unique voice in Brazilian music.

Pena de VidaPedro Luis3:06
Tudo Vale a Pena / Fernanda AbreuPedro Luis4:00
Máquina de EscreverPedro Luis4:09
Fazê O Quê?Pedro Luis4:03
SoulPedro Luis3:49
Caio No SuinguePedro Luis3:32
NaviloucaPedro Luis2:22
Miséria No JapãoPedro Luis2:43
Seres TupyPedro Luis3:35
Chuva de BalaPedro Luis3:33
In the RainPedro Luis2:31
Caramujo JahPedro Luis5:25
[Untitled Hidden Track]Pedro Luis3:59

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