Eddie Harris - How Can You Live Like That?

Eddie Harris - How Can You Live Like That?
How Can You Live Like That?
Hard Bop, Soul Jazz
Recording Date:
November 20, 1976
Release Date:
November 20, 1976

Still mixing up his pitches with erratic success, Eddie Harris comes up with another LP full of abrupt changes of gear. There is electric funk, some sumptuous big-band charts (courtesy of Richard Evans), new electronic attachments for his sax, some sorties into Jamaican reggae on "Love Is Too Much to Touch" and Brazilian samba on "Come Dance with Me," and the reliably funky guitarist Ronald Muldrow is always at hand. The title track is another series of urban complaints, though without humor this time. Side Two is mostly a reunion of the rhythm section that made Eddie's mid-'60s acoustic albums -- an inspired Cedar Walton, Ron Carter and Billy Higgins -- and they get a chance to stretch out at length like old times on "Nothing Else to Do." Some of this music sounds a bit routine for Harris but the range of idioms is extraordinary and it was apparently recorded in just one day.

How Can I Find Some Way to Tell You / Bradley Bobo / Eddie HarrisEddie Harris5:33
Love Is Too Much to Touch / Eddie Harris / Yvonne HarrisEddie Harris2:55
How Can You Live Like That? / Eddie HarrisEddie Harris5:32
Get Down with It / Bradley Bobo / Eddie Harris / Paul Humphrey / Ronald MuldrowEddie Harris3:44
I'd Love to Take You Home / Sarah Harris / Ronald MuldrowEddie Harris3:36
Come Dance With Me / Eddie HarrisEddie Harris4:22
Bird of Stone / Eddie HarrisEddie Harris2:50
Ambidextrous / Eddie HarrisEddie Harris3:42
Nothing Else to Do / Eddie HarrisEddie Harris9:19

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