Robin George - Dangerous Music: Live 85

Robin George - Dangerous Music: Live 85
Dangerous Music: Live 85
Release Date:
March 30, 2004

Arguably, Robin George's debut album is best experienced in its live incarnation, the seething (and sensibly titled) Dangerous Music: Live 85 album. But this earlier disc has its mighty moments regardless, as one of the hottest guitarists of the age steps out from the shadows of the David Byron Band to assault the unsuspecting with a dozen excellent hard rockers. His influences, drawn equally from older metal mavens and the more recent NWOBHM crowd, are certainly blended a lot more cohesively than many of his peers ever managed, and again, though songs and performances alike would blossom even further once he got them on the road, this remains a gripping LP.

ShowdownRobin George3:33
Shoot on SightRobin George3:26
SpyRobin George4:02
No News Is Good NewsRobin George3:20
In the NightRobin George3:32
HistoryRobin George4:34
Hit ListRobin George4:48
HeartlineRobin George3:44
Dangerous MusicRobin George4:01
Go Down FightingRobin George4:19
ShoutRobin George4:29
Don't Turn AwayRobin George4:44

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