Sideshow - Fink Dubs

Sideshow - Fink Dubs
Fink Dubs
Release Date:
December 7, 2010

Finian Greenhall, who records under the name Fink, has gone full circle at least once over the course of his music career, starting out as a guitar-playing indie popster, then immersing himself in techno, then picking up the guitar again and heading back into singer/songwriter territory. This four-track EP features dubwise remixes of four tracks from Fink's album Sort of Revolution; that album found him blending his songwriting skills with his techno background, and the remixes (by modern dubmeister Sideshow) take four tracks from the album and present them in stark, stripped-down versions that expose their skeletons while tearing Fink's voice into delicate wisps and blowing them around the room on wafting breezes of echo and delay. "Sort of Dubolution" is perhaps the most explicitly reggae-flavored of the four tracks, but all of them draw deeply on reggae's dub tradition by eliminating some musical elements, pushing others to the fore, and manipulating them in ways that can create an almost unrecognizable derivative of the original. In this case, the mix that works most beautifully is "Sort of Dubolution"; the one that creates the least interest is "Q&A." But all four are very much worth hearing.

Sort of DubolutionSideshow
Dub It AllSideshow
Q&A [Sideshow Dub]Sideshow
Don't Look Down in DubSideshow

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