Colin Dale - Presents Abstract Funk Theory

Colin Dale - Presents Abstract Funk Theory
Presents Abstract Funk Theory
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There are DJs and then there are selectors -- individuals whose ability to choose what records people want to hear overtakes the need for turntable skills. Just having the stamp of approval on a record is enough to qualify it as good. Often, these gifted ears find their way onto the radio, as did Colin Dale. An original Kiss FM DJ when it was still a pirate station illegally broadcasting across London, Dale made it his mission to deliver the best in techno and house to the masses. Much like DJs Giles Peterson did for acid jazz and Fabio did for jungle, Dale was distinctly influential in carving out the taste of London technoheads in the '90s.

This compilation showcases Dale's leaning toward the smooth side of techno and house. Featuring subdued tracks by Kenny Larkin, David Alvarado, and Kevin Yost, it is futuristic music for home listening. Only King Britt's "Supernatural" really approaches a dancefloor pace. Dale's fixation on the Detroit blueprint for jazzy techno is openly declared on Ian O'Brien's "Mad Mike Disease."There are two problems with this compilation. The first: As usual, many of these loop-based tracks start to get stale after the third minute of play. Much of this music still sounds better when mixed. The second: You suspect that Dale might have made completely different selections in another month. Hence the purpose of a weekly radio program showcasing the newest in techno gets lost in the unchanging CD format.

Today's Sunday / Maud GeffrayColin Dale feat: Scratch Massive6:36
Sunrise of the ElectroflyColin Dale6:58
Serena X / Kenny LarkinColin Dale feat: Yennek6:12
Niebla / David Alvarado / Kenneth GrahamColin Dale6:47
Jai's Groove / Sirus & IrinaColin Dale feat: Sirus & Irina6:33
Two Wrongs Making It Right / Kevin YostColin Dale feat: Kevin Yost6:20
DistantColin Dale feat: Ebe6:36
Supernatural / King Britt / Ursula RuckerColin Dale feat: Firefly7:06
Mystical Rhythm / Vince WatsonColin Dale feat: Vince Watson5:55
Mad Mike Disease / Ian O'BrienColin Dale feat: Ian O'Brien5:56
Bleu / Daniel ThompsonColin Dale feat: Daniel Thompson5:54
Urban IntersectColin Dale feat: Gareth Oxby5:50

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