Declan Masterson - End of the Harvest

Declan Masterson - End of the Harvest
End of the Harvest
Contemporary Folk, Celtic
Release Date:
May 26, 1995
Jimmy O'Reilly's/Pretty Girls of Mayo/Hand Me Down the TackleDeclan Masterson3:52
Paddy O'Brien's/Tumble the TinkerDeclan Masterson3:11
Bean Dubh an Ghleanna/Bonaparter's RetreatDeclan Masterson6:43
Collier's /Missy Mary O'Neil's Fancy/The Green GartersDeclan Masterson3:29
An Buachaill DreoiteDeclan Masterson1:44
End of the Harvest: End of the Harvest/Burn the Stubble/SweetheartsDeclan Masterson5:44
Leg of the Duck/An Ghaoth Aniar Aneas/The Girl from the Big HouseDeclan Masterson4:08
The Wounded HuzzarDeclan Masterson4:22
Out on the Road/Sean Maguire's/The Maid in the MeadowDeclan Masterson3:58
The Elkes Festivals/Paddy O'BriensDeclan Masterson3:18
Larry Redican's/The FoxhuntersDeclan Masterson2:41
By the Water's Edge: By the Waters Edge/The Immigrants March/The ...Declan Masterson8:36

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