Elysian Fields - We...The Enlightened

Elysian Fields - We...The Enlightened
We...The Enlightened
Recording Location:
Wicked World Latayette, New Yor
Release Date:
February 16, 1999

If one were to liken the Elysian Fields to any other black metal group, Emperor would probably be the best comparison -- both groups alternate haunting, melodic passages with fierce blasts of noise, although Elysian Fields takes Emperor's orchestrated arrangements a step further, replacing keyboards with acoustic instruments like violin and piano. Also much like Emperor, the Elysian Fields pine for a lost pagan past, when their nation's culture (in this case Greece) reached the apex of its power and influence. But ultimately, the Elysian Fields have their own distinct voice, a welcome rarity in the black metal world.

Their Blood Be on Us / Elysian FieldsElysian Fields5:07
I Am the Unknown Sky / Elysian FieldsElysian Fields4:49
Until the Night Cries Rise in the Heart / Elysian FieldsElysian Fields4:37
...And the Everdawn Faded Away / Elysian FieldsElysian Fields6:33
Shall They Come Forth Unto Us / Elysian FieldsElysian Fields5:39
Arcana Caelestia / Elysian FieldsElysian Fields7:10
The End Shall Be Tragically Fulfilled / Elysian FieldsElysian Fields4:32
The Last Star of Heaven Falls / Elysian FieldsElysian Fields4:07
Wither, Oh Divine, Wither / Elysian FieldsElysian Fields4:38

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