Oh-OK - The Complete Recordings

Oh-OK - The Complete Recordings
The Complete Recordings
Alternative/Indie Rock, American Underground, College Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock
Release Date:
June 24, 2002

In all respects, Oh-OK was a footnote in the birth of American indie pop, being a group co-led by Lynda Stipe, the bass-playing sister of the singer in a rather more popular band, and featuring singer Linda Hopper, who would go on to form the likable alt-rockers Magnapop, and guitarist Matthew Sweet. That said, they were a really fun footnote, and the two EPs collected here, 1982's Wow Mini Album and 1984's Furthermore What, are agreeable artifacts of their time. Wow Mini Album, recorded in 1982 before Sweet joined the band, consists of brittle bass-and-drums duets overlaid with Hopper's unique, hiccupping vocals. Where other Athens bands like the Method Actors and Pylon created tense music out of similar materials, Oh-OK's tunes are looser and more playful. The childlike "Lilting" spins an array of giddy puns about home perms over a rubbery rhythm akin to something the B-52's might do; like the rest of the songs, it's barely a minute long, but it's a well-formed and complete song, not a fragment. The four songs from Furthermore What are fuller and a bit more structured, with the opening "Such and Such" the ultra-catchy highlight. The nine lo-fi live tracks mix originals from the EPs with covers that aren't particularly unexpected (the Velvet Underground's "Sunday Morning," Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer") or, it must be said, particularly good. Still, The Complete Oh-OK is a find for collectors of the fringes of American indie pop.

Lilting / Lynda StipeOh-OK1:03
Brother / Daniel Glendining / Tom Glendining / Clovis Taylor / Nick WattsOh-OK1:28
Playtime / Lynda StipeOh-OK2:02
Person / Lynda StipeOh-OK2:32
Such N Such / Lynda StipeOh-OK2:05
Guru / Lynda StipeOh-OK3:03
Choukoutien / Lynda StipeOh-OK2:54
Straight / Linda HopperOh-OK2:24
Giddy Up / Linda HopperOh-OK1:52
Elaine's Song / Lynda StipeOh-OK3:14
Random / Lynda StipeOh-OK1:25
Is It? / Lynda StipeOh-OK2:12
Whore BoyOh-OK1:46
Round Is Funny / Lynda StipeOh-OK1:19
Let's Get Together / Richard M / Robert B. ShermanOh-OK1:46
Here We Go / Lynda StipeOh-OK1:47
Sunday Morning / Lynda StipeOh-OK2:22
Down by the Beach / Lynda StipeOh-OK2:05
Shock (Sic Transit) / Lynda StipeOh-OK2:46
Lilting / Lynda StipeOh-OK2:04
Jumping / Oh-OKOh-OK1:35
Courage Courage / Lynda StipeOh-OK2:50
Psycho Killer / David Byrne / Chris Frantz / Tina WeymouthOh-OK1:52

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