Joe Simon - The Chokin' Kind/Better Than Ever

Joe Simon - The Chokin' Kind/Better Than Ever
The Chokin' Kind/Better Than Ever
Deep Soul, Pop-Soul, Soul, Southern Soul
Release Date:
May 11, 1999

This two-fer CD (which replicates a double-LP reissue from 1976) pulls together two strong albums Joe Simon recorded in 1969 onto one disc. While The Chokin' Kind sounds a bit more spare in terms of its arrangements and production, and Better Than Ever lacks any songs written by Harlan Howard, for the most part these two albums fit together quite well; both sets are steeped in Southern soul with a pronounced C&W influence, and both make the most of Simon's strong, sad, and smoky voice. Both halves of the disc are also seasoned with a healthy selection of covers, and if Simon doesn't exactly cut Otis Redding on "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" or Glen Campbell on "Wichita Lineman," he brings qualities to both that set them apart from the better-known originals. And Joe Simon is at the top of his form on all 22 tracks; impassioned without overplaying his hand, and displaying a disarming emotional honesty that brings a touch of sorrow to even his most optimistic moments, this is stuff anyone who loves Southern soul will fall for. Strong material well presented (except for some audio anomalies on "Wounded Man"), this isn't quite as useful for beginners as Rhino's superb Music in My Bones: The Best of Joe Simon, but anyone with a taste for Simon's early work will love it.

Baby, Don't Be Looking in My Mind / Harlan HowardJoe Simon2:44
(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay / Steve Cropper / Otis ReddingJoe Simon2:49
Little Green Apples / Bobby RussellJoe Simon3:14
Lonely Man / Delmar DonnellJoe Simon2:46
The Chokin' Kind / Harlan HowardJoe Simon2:40
Yours Love / Harlan HowardJoe Simon3:01
Help Yourself (To All My Lovin')Joe Simon2:23
Wichita Lineman / Jimmy WebbJoe Simon3:18
Don't Let Me Lose the Feeling / Allen OrangeJoe Simon2:20
I'm Too Far Gone (To Turn Around) / Belford Hendricks / Clyde OtisJoe Simon2:29
In the Still of the Night / Fred ParrisJoe Simon2:41
Silver Spoons and Coffee Cups / Fred Burch / Don HillJoe Simon2:57
It's Hard to Get Along / Allen Orange / Joe SimonJoe Simon2:56
In the Ghetto / Mac DavisJoe Simon2:44
I Got a Whole Lot of Lovin' / Allen Orange / Joe SimonJoe Simon2:27
Wounded Man / Mac GaydenJoe Simon2:56
Time and Space / Ken WilliamsJoe Simon2:44
Straight Down to Heaven / Tony Austin / Gene Dobbins / Johnny WilsonJoe Simon3:45
When / Mac GaydenJoe Simon2:17
After the Lights Go Down Low / Leroy LovettJoe Simon2:30
San Francisco Is a Lonely Town / Ben PetersJoe Simon3:19
Rainbow Road / Donnie Fritts / Dan PennJoe Simon3:01

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