Jacques Emblow - Nomadic Chef: Music & Recipes of France

Jacques Emblow - Nomadic Chef: Music & Recipes of France
Nomadic Chef: Music & Recipes of France
Release Date:
August 4, 1998

This installment of the Nomadic Chef series examines the Music and Recipes of France, with a series of French songs performed competently, if anonymously. It at least makes good mood-setting music when trying out the recipes included in the package.

Promenade a MonmartreJacques Emblow2:00
Under Paris SkiesJacques Emblow2:10
EnchantéJacques Emblow2:54
Mon AmourJacques Emblow2:27
The French ConnectionJacques Emblow2:44
PigalleJacques Emblow2:18
Bossa NouveauJacques Emblow3:07
Canal du MidiJacques Emblow2:44
C'Est Si Bon / Henri Betti / André HornezJacques Emblow2:53
La Vie JoyeuseJacques Emblow2:20
D'AccordJacques Emblow2:34
Les Yeux Noirs / TraditionalJacques Emblow2:58
Villa GeorgetteJacques Emblow3:14
Chez MichelJacques Emblow2:49
Madame SophieJacques Emblow2:40
NuagesJacques Emblow3:30
Ma PetiteJacques Emblow2:44
The Windmills of Your Mind / Michel LegrandJacques Emblow3:06

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