Tim McGraw - Let It Go/Set This Circus Down

Tim McGraw - Let It Go/Set This Circus Down
Let It Go/Set This Circus Down
Contemporary Country, Country-Pop, Neo-Traditionalist Country, Adult Contemporary
Release Date:
April 8, 2008

It's hard to say who this double-disc in a box collection will appeal to: Tim McGraw has more die-hard fans than just about anybody in contemporary country music These are two of his best records, and anybody who appreciates him has these already. That said, if for any reason you are curious about this guy, if you've not spent time listening to contemporary country and have been bitten by the bug, then do yourself a favor and check these out. McGraw may have helped to invent the formula, but he is also the one who stretches it too. The man rocks and rolls and swaggers; both these records have hard honky tonk strutters balanced by mid-tempo ballads imparting everyday wisdom and slower songs that are weepers or tender love songs. There is a reason McGraw is at the very top of the heap: he belongs there.

Last Dollar (Fly Away) / Big KennyTim McGraw4:30
I'm Workin' / Lori McKenna / Darrell ScottTim McGraw3:40
Let It Go / Tom Douglas / Aimee MayoTim McGraw3:45
Whiskey and You / Lee Thomas Miller / Chris StapletonTim McGraw3:47
Suspicions / David Malloy / Randy McCormick / Eddie RabbittTim McGraw5:16
Kristofferson / Reed NielsenTim McGraw3:23
Put Your Lovin' on Me / Luke Laird / Hillary LindseyTim McGraw3:34
Nothin' to Die For / Lee Thomas Miller / Craig WisemanTim McGraw4:13
Between the River and Me / Brett Beavers / Brad WarrenTim McGraw3:53
Train #10 / Tim McGraw / Brad WarrenTim McGraw3:58
I Need You / Tony LaneTim McGraw feat: Faith Hill4:08
Comin' Home / Steve McEwan / Rivers RutherfordTim McGraw4:06
Shotgun Rider / SherriƩ Austin / Jeffrey SteeleTim McGraw4:23
If You're Reading This / Tim McGraw / Brad WarrenTim McGraw4:12

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