Bobby D - DJ Rocks

Bobby D - DJ Rocks
DJ Rocks
Release Date:
August 25, 1998
IntroBobby D3:45
Global House Culture / CZR / Rick GarciaBobby D feat: 2 Mutha Fucka's & Some Chic0:14
Do da DidaeBobby D2:22
Kitty KatBobby D feat: DJ Trajic2:14
House Dogs / Josh CollinsBobby D feat: DJ Rip1:24
Funky Beats / Josh CollinsBobby D1:38
The Love I Lost / To Kool ChrisBobby D feat: Kevin Irving1:38
The BreaksBobby D feat: DJ Self1:10
Waxin' Taxin' / FlexBobby D1:03
Breakdown / Chuy Gomez / Jim SelfBobby D feat: DJ Self / DJ Trajic1:57
Whop Yo BodyBobby D2:21
Kik ItBobby D feat: DJ Trajic2:07
Sonic Deconstruction / Angel AlanisBobby D feat: Angel Alanis1:53
Move & Groove / Ralphie Dee / Scotty MarzBobby D1:39
Cold Checkin'Bobby D feat: DJ Trajic1:53
Here We Go / Kelly Reverb / Rob VaughnBobby D feat: Southside Reverb1:25
Big Fat Juicy Booty / Josh CollinsBobby D feat: Poogie Bear / Mark V.1:53
ElektrifiedBobby D feat: Ventura1:26
Jump up and Down / MaziBobby D feat: Tyree Cooper / Mazi1:52
Baby Werk / DJ Bam BamBobby D feat: DJ Bam Bam0:56
Shout / Terry LashBobby D feat: Terry Lash2:05
Anotha OneBobby D feat: Nina1:13
The Boogie / Ralphie DeeBobby D feat: Avenging Godfathers0:55
Me TarzanBobby D feat: DJ Self1:23
Get into It / Mark V.Bobby D feat: Poogie Bear / Mark V.1:37
Higher / Carl GiammareseBobby D feat: Audio Cult1:27
I Want You / To Kool ChrisBobby D feat: Junior Flex1:47
Ill Na NaBobby D feat: 12 Gauge1:29
Can't Take It / FlexBobby D0:56
DopeBobby D feat: DJ Trajic0:55
Wave Your Hands / To Kool ChrisBobby D feat: Hollywood1:22
Move Your BodyBobby D1:22
Keep on Pushin'Bobby D feat: Wesley Da Wiz1:22
Way U MoveBobby D feat: Tyree2:05
Papa Yo PapaBobby D0:55
Get Down...Bobby D1:41
How to Run a Train / Josh CollinsBobby D feat: MCM-131:46
#1 DJBobby D feat: DJ Self1:59

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