Eliza Carthy / Norma Waterson - Gift

Eliza Carthy / Norma Waterson - Gift
Recording Location:
Panda Sound, Robin Hood's Bay
British Folk, Celtic, Contemporary Folk, Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, Progressive Folk, Traditional Folk
Release Date:
August 17, 2010

British folk giants Eliza Carthy and Norma Waterson have collaborated on numerous projects over the years, but Gift marks the first time that the mother and daughter have released a collection of songs as an official duo. Backed by the usual assortment of English folk dynasty members like Martin Carthy, Danny Thompson, Aiden Curran, Martin Simpson and various other Watersons, Gift offers up the usual amalgamation of traditional songs, all of which are driven through the snow by Carthy and Waterson’s rich, commanding voices. Opening with a rousing rendition of Appalachian spiritual “Wayfaring Stranger” and closing with the gorgeous, seafaring ballad “Shallow Brown,” Gift is an effortless compendium of ancestral music, crafted by two of its greatest champions, that more than lives up to its name.

Poor Wayfaring Stranger / TraditionalEliza Carthy / Norma Waterson6:28
Little Grey Hawk / TraditionalEliza Carthy / Norma Waterson3:21
Boston Burglar / TraditionalEliza Carthy / Norma Waterson5:23
The Nightingale/For Kate / TraditionalEliza Carthy / Norma Waterson5:56
Bonaparte's Lament / TraditionalEliza Carthy / Norma Waterson3:19
The Rose and the Lilly / Eliza Carthy / TraditionalEliza Carthy / Norma Waterson6:16
Bunch of Thyme / TraditionalEliza Carthy / Norma Waterson5:50
Ukulele Lady/(If Paradise is) Half As NiceEliza Carthy / Norma Waterson4:51
Psalm of Life / Eliza Carthy / LongfellowEliza Carthy / Norma Waterson6:07
Prairie LullabyEliza Carthy / Norma Waterson3:46
Shallow Brown / TraditionalEliza Carthy / Norma Waterson2:55

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