Amália Rodrigues - Raizes

Amália Rodrigues - Raizes
Fado, Western European Traditions
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Here is more evidence that fado is one of the great urban sounds, and Amalia herself, at her best, one of the finest singers this century has produced. No frills here, just enchantment backed by the equally classic duo of guitars, Portuguese (Jaime Santos) and six-stringed (Domingos Camarinha or Santos Moreira). Three cuts are in Spanish. The rest are pure Lisbon saudade.

O Namorico da Rita / Fernando RibeiroAmália Rodrigues2:15
As Rosas de Meu CaminhoAmália Rodrigues3:05
RaizesAmália Rodrigues3:23
Cansaço / Nelson DeMacedoAmália Rodrigues3:09
AntigamenteAmália Rodrigues3:10
Grao de ArrozAmália Rodrigues1:54
Anjo Inutil / Nelson DeMacedoAmália Rodrigues2:00
Marcha Do CentenarioAmália Rodrigues2:43
Sem RazaoAmália Rodrigues2:54
Trepa No CoquieroAmália Rodrigues1:43
Toiro! Eh! Toiro!Amália Rodrigues1:57
Job / Nelson DeMacedoAmália Rodrigues2:03
Faia / Martinho d'AssunçãoAmália Rodrigues1:52
Fadista LoucoAmália Rodrigues2:42
Lar PortuguesAmália Rodrigues2:56
No Me Tires Indire / Steve Monreal / Vinnie ParelloAmália Rodrigues2:16
Por un AmorAmália Rodrigues2:40
Lerele / Steve MonrealAmália Rodrigues1:27

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