Comeback Kid - Symptoms + Cures

Comeback Kid - Symptoms + Cures
Symptoms + Cures
Recording Location:
Company X Audio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Vespa Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hardcore Punk, AM Pop, Punk/New Wave
Release Date:
August 31, 2010

With guitarist Andrew Neufeld still acting as Scott Wade’s replacement, Comeback Kid’s fourth album is another steady assault of screaming hardcore. Symptoms + Cures finds the Canadian punk-metal troupe focusing on brute force and hits the ground running in a quick, spirited rock-out session. The album is polished and pure, but a touch heavier than prior outings, with Neufeld’s raspy vocals howling like a turbine engine as the rest of the band (Hiebert, Hjelmberg, Keil, and Profetta) blaze furiously through 11 songs. Along with occasional gang yells, spit-filled vocal cameos include A Wilhelm Scream’s Nuno Pereira (“The Concept Stays”), Cancer Bats ’ Liam Cormier (“Balance”), and Architects’ Sam Carter (“Pull Back the Reins”). Even with the variety, the album doesn’t change gear or break stride: it’s continually harsh and urgent, with the occasional melody thrown in for good measure.

Do Yourself a Favor / Comeback KidComeback Kid2:30
Crooked Floors / Comeback KidComeback Kid3:12
G.M. Vincent and I / Comeback KidComeback Kid3:33
Because of All / Comeback KidComeback Kid3:37
The Concept Stays / Comeback KidComeback Kid3:06
Balance / Comeback KidComeback Kid4:02
Symptoms + Cures / Comeback KidComeback Kid3:55
Manifest / Comeback KidComeback Kid3:57
Get Alone / Comeback KidComeback Kid4:15
Magnet Pull / Comeback KidComeback Kid2:48
Pull Back the Reins / Comeback KidComeback Kid5:01
[CD-ROM Track] / Comeback KidComeback Kid

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