Bridget St. John - Thank You For...

Bridget St. John - Thank You For...
Thank You For...
Recording Location:
Rose D'Or De Montreux; Sound Techniques Studio, London, England
British Folk-Rock
Recording Date:
April 28, 1972
Release Date:

Bridget St. John has a small legion of fans willing to do battle for their hero, but to most she sounds like a pleasant, secondary British folk-rock artist of the early 1970s. Those impressions won't be changed by this, her third album, mixing low-key originals with covers of songs by Bob Dylan and Buddy Holly, as well as one of her most popular tracks, an interpretation of the traditional folk tune "Lazarus." Simply put, St. John doesn't come within bow-and-arrow range of Sandy Denny or Maddy Prior. She favors a low, slightly husky delivery that sometimes brings to mind what Marianne Faithfull might have sounded like in the late '70s had Faithfull's voice lowered naturally, instead of being ravaged. Reserve can be effective, but it sounds like St. John would need to be roasted over an open flame before her temperature rose.

[The album was reissued on CD in 1995, with the addition of eight bonus tracks from a live performance in 1972.]

NiceBridget St. John3:22
Thank You For...Bridget St. John3:37
Lazarus / TraditionalBridget St. John4:21
Goodbaby GoodbyeBridget St. John2:08
Love Minus Zero/No Limit / Bob DylanBridget St. John3:20
Silver CoinBridget St. John3:07
Happy DayBridget St. John3:54
Fly HighBridget St. John3:22
To Leave Your CoverBridget St. John3:21
EverydayBridget St. John4:20
A Song Is as Long as It Wants to Go OnBridget St. John1:11
Passing Thru' / TraditionalBridget St. John4:23
There's a Place I KnowBridget St. John2:38
NiceBridget St. John5:08
Silver CoinBridget St. John3:47
Fly HighBridget St. John3:57
Lazarus / TraditionalBridget St. John4:44
The River / John MartynBridget St. John feat: Rick Sanders3:36
Thank You For...Bridget St. John feat: Rick Sanders3:54
Ask Me No QuestionsBridget St. John feat: Rick Sanders4:54
If You've Got MoneyBridget St. John feat: Rick Sanders2:58

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